Russian Dating: Scam Or Opportunity For Love

Geplaatst op 10-03-2023

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The Russian dating scam stories are plastered all over the internet – stories of women 25 years young looking to marry a 60 year old man in the US then leaving after two years once she has a green card. Years and years ago Russia was not the nicest place to live with crime and financial tyrants.

This resulted in attractive Russian women seeking opportunity in marrying offshore. This would enable them to leave the country and start a new life away from the alcohol abuse and financial struggle.

So yes there is defiantly a case for Russian scam stories.


Let’s not be so hasty about the negative motivations of attractive Russian women. It’s natural to think that Russian women only have bad motives when they are looking for offshore marriage.

But keep in mind the motivation for marriage (regardless of location or age) is


This means that looks age and location should not come into the equation. Obviously they do to some degree but for now let’s assume that the motivation for marriage by women regardless of location religion or personality is for love and security.

This should not come as such a shock. Money, Status, Confidence, Emotional Connection all ring a bell right?

The truth is that most Russian women (despite what you have heard) are not tripping over each other to get to a balding fat unattractive poor American man. There are plenty of those in Russian and plenty of rich ones too.

The Russian women online are after what every other women in the world is looking for. Security and love, once again no surprises there.

Not all Russian women are as HOT as you think! But most of them are healthy well educated and emotionally stable.

Perhaps 5 or 10 years ago it was easy to find a young attractive Russian women online despite your situation but the competition and situations in both America and Russia have changed.

Just the fact that you live in the US does not give you automatic access to Russian women. Just like with (most) of the American women you have to work for it.

So What’s Important To Russian Women?

Once again like any other women – security and love!

All women really want is a man that understands them for who they are. A man that is emotionally secure, a man that really gets them and that makes them laugh. A “soulmate” for lack of a better word.

If you don’t hold down a stable job and can’t support a child then this will DEFINATLY affect your chances. Being financially secure is perhaps THE most sort after attribute of Russian women. This doesn’t mean you have to be loaded but just to have a job!

Russian Dating: Scam Or Opportunity For Love?

Understand that or though Russian women are not after your money it is an issue in Russian society and easing the strain of daily life is a big motivation for them. Especially if she plans to have kids she wants to know that their future is secure.

Do not be shocked if a Russian women will choose a well mannered teacher over a 400K+ arrogant executive if she gets on well with the teacher.

To be successful with Russian women you are going to have to show significant trust and commitment to the future relationship! The relationship will need to mature over time to be a success in the future so don’t expect her to be in your bed next week.

Russian women online are not looking for casual acquaintances but real honest American men.
20 years might be a little too much of an age gap for Russian women but don’t be surprised if you’re interested in a women 20 15 years younger.

This is perfectly fine so don’t feel squeamish at the thought of a relationship that involves an age gap.

Use your age to your advantage, remember Russian women are looking for security and your age only adds to this. Many people believe that the difficulties of early Russian life force women to grow up fast. As a result they have worldly knowledge beyond their years making dating older men not such a big deal. But let’s be honest if your 60 years old there is little chance of finding an attractive 20 year old Russian women who is keen and you should not be searching that young anyway.

The competition both within the US and in Russian for Russian women is increasing every day. This means the age gap you are able to get away with is decreasing every day.

Up to 10 years is fine but you are going to have to really play your cards well to get away with more than that.

So the real question here is Russian Dating: Scam Or Opportunity For Love?

Well of course there is a great opportunity for finding love in Russia and there always will be. There are very few “scam” sites out their despite what you here.

Scam sites don’t last very long due to word off mouth online. Stick with the best Russian dating agencies and you will be safe. As for legitimate opportunity you have to make the call. It depends on your commitment and persistence just like any other relationship.

There are amazing women in Russia looking for you... no question about it. BUT don’t expect miracles to happen! If you’re an emotional wreck or dirt poor don’t go crying wolf because a miracle didn’t happen for you online.